Temporary Meeting Changes
For one-time or temporary schedule changes lasting less than 3 months – like holiday closures or temporary location changes – simply email us the details and we will post them under Group Announcements as soon as possible. Please try to allow at least a week’s lead time.

Permanent Meeting Changes
1. Download the Group Change/Registration Form, NCWSA Form A-16. You can either print and mail the form, or electronically fill and email the PDF to the District Office. Form instructions may be found here. To fill it in electronically and save your changes, PRINT to PDF, then email the PDF to the district office. This form includes all group details including place, time, group focus, accessibility, mailing address, and Group Representative or group contact. You can direct your group mail to your GR or contact’s address, or to the district office and pick up your mail there.

2. Be certain the form has your group’s correct WSO number on it. Look up your group’s WSO registration number on the meeting list. Carefully review the form before you send it to avoid mistakes and delays. Please include a group contact on the form, particularly if your meeting has no Group Representative. The office needs to be able to contact a group upon member request, verify meeting information such as holiday closures, and help new members find precise meeting locations. There is space on the registration form for both a Group Representative and a group contact.

3. Email the form and the office worker will forward it to the Area Records coordinator to ensure all three websites (District, Area, and WSO) update your meeting information.

4. You will receive a confirmation email from the Area within 7-10 days. The downloadable meeting list is typically updated every 2-4 weeks.

Thank you for your cooperation; it helps to keep D12 in sync with the larger Northern California Area so that more people, especially visitors, can easily find your Al-Anon meeting when they visit San Francisco.

New Groups
To register your new group, please follow instructions for the Group Change/Registration Form listed above, but leave the WSO number field blank and check “New” under Status. Email your completed form to the Area and cc the district office. When you receive your registration packet and WSO number, please be sure to notify the district office so we can update our records.

The registration process takes 1-4 weeks. The District can help you with your new meeting by directing you to WSO guidelines, sharing experience, strength, and hope, and when possible, finding experienced members to support your meeting while it builds membership. We can also answer questions about completing the registration form. As soon as we receive your WSO number, we will list your meeting.

It’s vital to register your new group as this gets you listed with WSO and the Area, as well as the District. Your group will also receive a copy of Al-Anon & Alateen Groups at Work in its registration packet. This booklet contains all of the information you need to conduct a successful meeting, including conference-approved readings.

Confirm Your Area and WSO Group Listing
To verify your group listing, request a copy of your group’s current registration from NCWSA Group Records.