After meeting group expenses and ample prudent reserve, Treasurers may use the following district guidelines for 7th Tradition disbursements.

Ample prudent reserves are customarily one month’s rent plus sufficient funds to sponsor your Group Representative’s attendance at the annual area assembly. Please be sure to include your group’s WSO number on checks so your group can be properly credited for its donations. If unknown, you can look up your WSO number on the meeting list.

Contributions support a variety of service functions such as public service announcement audio and video production, literature production and distribution, office rent, telecommunications expenses, group liability insurance, local and state taxes and fees, and salaries of service employees. Al-Anon is fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.


60% to your local district office.
Please make ALL checks payable to District 12 AFG. Please include your phone number on the check in case we need to contact you. Special collections for Alateen may go to the same address with “Alateen” written as the check memo. 7th Tradition and Alateen contributions may be combined in one check; simply enclose a note stating how much to designate to each budget.

Mail to: District 12 Al-Anon Family Groups, Inc.
870 Market St., Ste. 982
San Francisco, CA 94102

20% to Northern California World Service Area.
Please make checks payable to NCWSA Treasurer. Please note “donation” as the check memo so your check is properly credited, and please include your phone number on the check in case of a question. Lastly, please include your address to receive the acknowledgement letter from the area.

Mail to: NCWSA Treasurer
P.O. Box 10475
Pleasanton, CA 94588-0475

20% to Al-Anon World Service Office.
Please make checks payable to AFG Inc. Please write “donation” in the check memo area so your donation is properly credited, and please include your phone number on the check in case of a question. WSO will mail an acknowledgement letter to the address it has on file for your group.

Mail to: Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. (WSO)
1600 Corporate Landing Parkway
Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617

Institutions Contributions
Please make checks payable to NCWSA Institutions Pink Can Fund. This fund provides conference-approved literature to confined members unable to attend local Al-Anon meetings. Contributions may be mailed to the same address on the Pink Can label, which is currently: 

NCWSA Institutions Pink Can Fund
1 W. Campbell Ave., Rm. Q-82
Campbell, CA 95008